Madi Browne | Photographer based in Sydney


Madi shoots editorials and travel journals with everyone from models and musicians, to skaters and It girls. With a fresh and fun take on fashion and lifestyle photography, she lets the raw elements from beach to city, inspire each shoot, allowing the abundant beauty of nature to flow into her work.

Avoiding shooting in the same place twice, Madi combines her photography with her love of travel and life by the sea. Consistently using new unexplored surroundings as her backdrop, she turns her photo shoots into an adventure that she can share with her clients & audience. Madi’s mission on each shoot is to capture the beauty of her subject in it’s rawest and most real moments. A fleeting smile, a strand of hair caught in the wind, the breeze though the trees, the splash of a wave. Whether it comes from the person or the environment, it’s the unexpected moments she waits for.


If you would like to hire me for your next shoot or if you have any questions, contact me via any of the ways below : 

E M A I L :

T E L :  0439831890

I N S T A G R A M : @madibrownephotography